Communication Milestones For 5 Years and Up + Free Milestone Chart

Photo credit: 2 Comforts Photography

Isn’t it cool to watch as your child’s communication becomes more complex? Whether it’s using new vocabulary words, using problem-solving skills, or using creativity and imagination to think up stories, there are so many cool things happening from 5 years on! Check out the milestone chart below to learn more about what to expect during this age range and download a free milestone tracker so you can document all the fun ways your child is communicating!



Download the milestone chart from above plus additional pages of info for free below!


Communication Milestones For 5 Years and Up + Free Milestone Chart

Note: Please remember every child is unique and develops at his or her own pace. Don’t be alarmed if your child has not reached every milestone by each age. On the other hand, early intervention is crucial for children who demonstrate delays in speech and language (and other areas of delay). If you do have concerns it is important to seek out professional advice to see if your child might benefit from extra support.

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