Using Narrating to Build Early Language Skills


Photo credit: Kai Saun Photography

Narrating to your little one is a great way to teach them about the world around them. Talk with your child about what you are doing together, where you are going, who you are with, and what you see. Think of it as early language immersion. The more descriptive language your child hears, the more language they will learn. Here are some ways you can use narrating to build language:

    • Describe the world around your child using lots of detail (“We are playing in the playroom. There are so many toys” or you can simplify it to “I see toys”). It’s valuable to vary the level at which you narrate. At times you might simply label the item and one feature (“green frog”) and at other times, you might describe it in a full sentence (“the green frog is hopping!”). You can also vary the level of narration based on your child’s age and how much language they have or understand.
    • Point out objects in your child’s environment or things that they are interested in and describe them with details like color, shape, or other features (“Look! A blue block” or “this blue block is a square”).
    • Remember that narrating is great, but it is also important to pause while talking and asking questions to give them a chance to communicate back to you about what they are experiencing.



Using Narrating to Build Early Language Skills #learning #baby #toddler #speechPhoto credit: 2 Comforts Photography