Top 10 Musical Toys for Early Learning


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In our house we love music! Whether it’s singing songs, playing instruments, dancing to music or creating music with household items, we incorporate fun musical activities into our daily routine.

These are all fun ways to support learning across many areas of development. Music provides a multisensory learning experience that transcends age, culture, and ability level. The concepts in song lyrics build background knowledge and vocabulary, which support communication development. Singing supports speech and language development by giving children auditory feedback about the pitch, rhythm, and volume of speech. Pairing music with movement and instruments supports the development of motor skills. Music is also a great way to express ourselves creatively!

When playing with musical toys add to the learning experience and build language by talking about the colors, shapes, sizes, and the sounds they make. For older children talk about the type of instrument they hear or see and listen for those instruments in music they enjoy.

Here are our favorite musical toys for early learning:

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1. Symphony in B Music Toy: B. Toys

This toy not only looks like a work of art, but it teaches about a wide variety of musical concepts! Learning concepts: tempo, volume, musical composition, types of instruments (accordion, clarinet, cymbals, drums, flute, guitar, koto, piano, sitar, tuba, trumpet, violin, and xylophone), fine motor skills, colors, distinguishing between melody and harmony instruments, as well as the parts of an orchestra: woodwinds, brass, percussion, keyboards, and strings. For ages 3 and up.


2. 4 Piece Baby Band: Hohner Kids

These instruments are super fun for babies and up! Learning concepts: colors, sounds, action words, like “shake,” and rhythm. For babies, toddlers and up.


3. B. Woofer Guitar: B. Toys

This guitar is super silly and fun with it’s dog sounds, but also provides lots of learning opportunities! Learning concepts: sounds a dog makes, colors, musical scales, plays 20 songs, supports motor skills, teaches about the difference between acoustic & electric guitar, musical buttons play C to C chords, child can hear chord progressions by strumming. Ages 2 to 6 years.


4. Pound & Tap Bench with Slide out Xylophone: Hape

This toy is fun because it has different functions and is simple, yet great for learning. Our kids love to play the Xylophone by using the hammer to hit the balls through the holes and listen to the notes as they slide down. Learning concepts: teaches problem solving skills, how to play a xylophone, teaches about colors, numbers (count the balls and the musical notes), and builds fine motor skills. Ages 1-3 years.


5. Percussion Plastic Egg Shaker Assortment: Nino Percussion

These are just egg shakers, how cool could they be? Pretty darn cool! Our kids love to shake them along to music. Learning concepts: learn about rhythm by shaking the eggs along to a song, learn about colors, numbers (count the eggs), and build fine motor skills. Ages 3 years and up.


6. B. Parum Pum Pum Drum – Lime: B. Toys

Open up this drum for tons of fun! Learning opportunities: these instruments are super fun to describe because of the different, shapes, colors, patterns, types of bugs on the instruments, the build fine motor skills, hear different types of sounds (drum, shakers, bells, etc.) rhythm and introduce kids to different types of instruments they may have never seen before. Ages 1-3 years.


7. Rub a Dub Water Flutes: ALEX Toys

Music in the bath, what a concept! Fill up the flutes with water and then learn to play the songs included. Learning concepts: pitch, colors, numbers (count the flutes), characteristics of a flute, problem solving. Ages years 3+.


8. Learn-To-Play Piano: Melissa & Doug

Nothing like a classic piano to teach children about music! Learning concepts: how to play a piano, characteristics of a piano, pitch, volume, rhythm, musical scales/chords, colors, numbers (how many piano keys), fine motor skills. Ages 3+ years.


9. Record and Learn KidiStudio: VTech

Your little rock star will have a blast with this toy! Learning concepts: fosters creativity, learn about recording music, pitch, volume, rhythm, types of instruments (keyboard, drums, etc.), colors, numbers, fine motor skills, singing promotes language development. Ages 3-6


10. Remo Kid’s Floor Tom Drum 10″ Diameter: Woodstock Percussion

These are the best kiddie drums! My kids use these in their music classes at the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) and they are so cool! Learning opportunities: characteristics of a drum, colors, animals on the drum, rhythm, prepositions (on the drum, under the drum, etc.).  Ages 3+ years.

If you live in or visit Arizona, check out the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum)! This museum has authentic instruments from countries all around the world and provides endless learning opportunities. The museum has mini music maker classes for little ones.

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