This is My Night Song! (Rachel Platten “Fight Song” Parody)

Rachel Platten "Fight Song" Parody-Night SongNight Song

When my almost one year old finally started sleeping through the night, I  thought it was all smooth sailing from then on. Little did I know, this was actually the calm before the storm. What I didn’t anticipate were all the road blocks to a good nights’ sleep that would pop up when I least expected them.

Between difficulty sleeping when I was pregnant, the exhausting (but yet beautiful) infant phase, toddler night terrors, nap time struggles, nighttime potty training, the stomach flu, colds/allergies, elaborate bedtime routines that seem to stretch longer and longer, my own insomnia despite being exhausted, the second baby routine shake-up, early wake-ups, and the monster in my 6 year old’s closet, good sleep remained an elusive long lost friend that would come to visit and then leave for who knew how long.

Yes, there were months at a time when we all got great sleep, thank goodness for those phases, but then something would happen to shake things up again.

Let’s just face it, as parents, good sleep is not always in the cards (for us or our kids). All I can do to maintain my sanity is laugh at the chaos and what a better way to express this than through a parody video?

I love Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” and thought it would make a perfect “Night Song,” since sleep can be a battle.

This ones for all you tired parents out there! An exhausted parent anthem. 🙂


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Thanks to John Caviness for his work on production, directing, and editing of the video and our awesome friends and their cute kids who made cameos!

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