Helping Readers Move The World

Helping Readers Move the World

Parent Owned Business Spotlight: Bookroo

We are so excited to welcome Jane Tanner, Co-Founder of to our site for a guest post today. We love this business because it centers around encouraging children and families to read by delivering new books monthly.

For us, it all started when Tayler went looking for a way to get some really excellent books to read. This in turn led him to comb through subscription book services for us adults. By this time he’d teamed up with Kesler, and they realized that there was a hole that could be filled in the market. But their idea had evolved. They were going to create a children’s book subscription service. Not because that didn’t exist already, but because they believed that the need still wasn’t being met. After joining forces with Chandler and enlisting the help of Tiffany, Jane and Rebecca, they realized what they needed to do to create something truly unique and wonderful. They needed to incorporate the art of giving books into their monthly book boxes. Each package needed to not just be a delivery of books each month: it had to be an experience that would enhance the excitement that children feel about reading. With this realization Bookroo was born–the brainchild of three brothers and their wives.


What made us switch from wanting to pursue an adult’s book subscription? We did our homework on reading, and its impact, and realized that the age when reading was most formative and impactful was the first years of our life. One study shows that for every year you read with your child from infancy to preschool, their average lifetime earnings increase by $50,000. [1]  Another concludes that reading to children when they are young increases not only their vocabulary, but also their math skills. [2] A third points out that children develop much of their capacity to learn and their brain grows to 90% of its adult size within the first three years of life. [3] And then you have the words of Albert Einstein: “ If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” This was the area we could make the greatest impact, and probably have the most fun at the same time! I mean, who doesn’t love reading a good children’s book?


It’s our mission to empower and enable parents to easily and affordably build their collection of children’s books in a way that increases the entire family’s enjoyment of and excitement about reading. We decided that we would would wrap each book individually and with adorable wrapping paper, tie them with a bow, and include a handwritten note on the inside of each box. The books would be a surprise each month to add to the thrill, and we’d make the experience affordable rather than place it at a premium. In fact, the retail of the books sent in each box is always greater than the subscription price of the box.

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Children are the most precious resource this world has, and reading to them from a young age can enable them to reach their fullest potential and open endless doors of opportunity. By making reading as fun as possible, you give them the best chance of wanting to continue to read after it’s no longer obligatory, and give them the tools to be successful in life. Even the great leaders of the past recognized the importance of reading. Napoleon Bonaparte said: “Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who can move the world.” Bookroo is on a mission to cultivate families of readers, and help them move the world.





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