Down By The Station Printable Learning Activity


Do you know a little one who loves trains? I sure do! “Down By The Station” is a fun song that provides many learning opportunities on a topic that many young children find interesting and exciting.

My girls love music and I love the way it teaches them new concepts while they are having fun. As a Speech Pathologist, I have used music to support my clients in achieving their speech goals because it provides a unique, multi-sensory learning experience. Music activates many areas of the brain, such as language and memory centers, which makes it a great way to teach new things and reinforce learning.

Music supports learning by activating multiple regions of the brain and making experiences meaningful. Sing, laugh, and learn with us by grabbing the free printable and singing the song at home with your kids!

Grab your printable here: Down by the Station Printable

Down By The Station

Learning ideas:

  • Print out the song puppets and use them as song props.
  • Talk about the concepts on the song and create stories with the printables.
  • Describe the pictures and find real life versions of the words in the song at home and on outings.
  • Visit a train park, train station, or other fun place that has real trains to expand background knowledge and solidify vocabulary word learning.
  • Read books about trains.
  • Play trains with your child and talk about their characteristics and what they do.
  • Make a train out of household items or a cardboard box and pretend to be a conductor and passengers.
  • Watch video clips, shows or movies about trains and talk about what you and your child see.

Here’s a video to sing along with:

We went on a fun family trip on the Polar Express recently and had a blast riding the train and expanding on the knowledge the kids had already learned from this song.

Polar Express

What are your favorites songs to sing with your kids? We’d love to hear in the comments below!