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Learn & Play with Baby to Support Language Development

Great Baby Toys For Early Learning

Want a fun way to learn about your baby’s communication development that gives you tips to support them as they learn and grow? Look no further! The Baby Talk Tips Ebook will provide you with information on milestones and fun activities you can do with your baby that encourage language development.   Get the Ebook or the Bonus package, which includes the Ebook, Milestone charts, & video examples of activities. Click the buy button below to get the Ebook with the Bonus package: Get the Ebook and Bonus package here! Click the buy button below to get the Ebook: Get…

Baby Talk Tips Ebook Launch & Free Chapter!

Baby Talk Tips!

We are so excited to announce that our Ebook is here! The Baby Talk Tips Ebook will provide you with quick and fun tips on supporting your baby’s language development through daily routines, play, music, and laughter. I wrote this Ebook with parents (and caregivers, educators, etc.) in mind as a way to support early learning that is empowering and fun! Babies are like little sponges soaking up new information and it is so cool to watch them in action as they learn. Meaningful parent-child interaction from the start supports baby’s brain in developing strong neural connections that will form…

A List of Don’ts For My Mom Friends

A List of Don't For My Mom Friends

As moms we often find ourselves apologizing to our kids, to our families, and to our friends when we fall short of perfection. When I look at the amazing moms in my life, I see something that goes beyond perfection. True, real, raw beauty that shines from the inside out. Whether it’s the way you love your children, the words of support you offer me when I’m down, the adorable pictures of your kids you send me, or the times you make me feel normal by telling me that you too are exhausted and stressed out. Or maybe it’s the…