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10 Fun Ways to Support Your Baby’s Language Development

10 Fun Ways to Support Baby's Communication Development

Photo credit: Tricia Williams As a Speech Pathologist, I have received many great questions from parents on ways to support their children’s development. My first answer is usually, “You are already doing so many amazing things!” Simply showing our children love and interacting with them meaningfully can have a lifelong impact. There are also many quick tips that can help parents find more teachable moments in everyday activities. Young children are like little sponges soaking up new information. Meaningful parent-child interaction from the start supports the brain in developing strong neural connections that will form the basis for later learning.…

10 Fun Ways to Encourage Toddler Communication

Encouraging Toddler Communcation

Isn’t it amazing to watch your toddler’s emerging communication skills? Whether its words, gestures or sign language, your toddler is learning to express themselves, which is so exciting! Babies and toddlers are going through a stage of rapid brain development and this provides a wonderful time to interact with them in fun and meaningful ways that encourage their communication development. As a mama of two, I loved encouraging my girls’ language development in fun and simple ways. As a Speech Pathologist, I find that I get the best results when kids are motivated to learn. As a parent, you are…

Mealtime Rehab: Tips for Coping with Selective Eaters

Mealtime Rehab

We are so excited to welcome Yaffi Lvova, a Registered Dietician Nutritionist and owner of Baby Bloom Nutrition! In this guest post, she offers excellent tips on picky eating and some creative strategies to get little ones to develop healthy eating habits.  Motherhood is a rollercoaster. The ups and downs in a single day, in a single hour, could drive even the most maternal person to the brink of craziness. Mealtimes are often the needle to the balloon that would otherwise be your sanity. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Mealtimes can be calm, even pleasant. No, you’re…