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Adele “Hello” Parenting Parody

Adele "Hello" Parenting Parody Videoong

“Hello, it’s me…” Creative inspiration seems to hit me in the weirdest of places. Like in the playroom while watching my toddler talk on her pretend phone. I absolutely love getting down on the ground to play with my kids and being home with them is truly a gift. On the other hand, when your home with your kids most of the time, some days seem like they last sooo long! Sometimes I am literally in my pajamas till 3! I know my mom friends have experienced this too and we often have a hard time finding the time to…

This is My Night Song! (Rachel Platten “Fight Song” Parody)

Rachel Platten "Fight Song" Parody-Night SongNight Song

When my almost one year old finally started sleeping through the night, I  thought it was all smooth sailing from then on. Little did I know, this was actually the calm before the storm. What I didn’t anticipate were all the road blocks to a good nights’ sleep that would pop up when I least expected them. Between difficulty sleeping when I was pregnant, the exhausting (but yet beautiful) infant phase, toddler night terrors, nap time struggles, nighttime potty training, the stomach flu, colds/allergies, elaborate bedtime routines that seem to stretch longer and longer, my own insomnia despite being exhausted,…

“Let it Go” Parody- Can’t Clean it Up Anymore!

Let it Go parody, Can't Clean it Up Anymore!

Why a parody video??? You might ask. The answer is simple, because making people laugh is my passion! I created this website not only as a place to provide parents with tips on their child’s speech and language development and parenting, but also to make people laugh and smile and to spread joy. As a mom, a Speech Pathologist, and a person, I find that laughter is a necessity.  In my career, I have always focused on fun activities that create meaningful learning opportunities. As a mom, my favorite moments are the ones when my kids and I are laughing…