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Building Baby’s Language By Exploring Nature

Building Baby's Language By Exploring Nature

When you take your baby outside and describe what is happening around them, you are helping them orient to the world. You are also building vocabulary by teaching words for the things they see (e.g. blue sky, yellow flowers, green grass). Here are some ways to build language outside: This is a great time to introduce weather and time concepts (e.g. “it’s sunny out, it’s daytime!” or “look it’s cloudy today!”). If it’s too hot, rainy, or snowy to go outside, bring baby to a window and describe what she is seeing outside. As she gets older, let her point…

Fun Gift Ideas for Teaching Toddlers About Daily Routines

Fun Gift Ideas For Teaching About Daily Routines #gifts #christmas #holidays #toddlers

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support! Looking for gifts that support early learning concepts? We love products that help little ones learn about daily routines. These tools not only teach important social concepts, but they help toddlers understand daily routines. Talking about daily routines with your toddler may help them feel more comfortable with the sequences of events and transitions – great for building receptive language skills! These books and charts also give your toddler a chance to be a part of the planning process and are fun activities to do together. Here are some of our…

10 Fun Ways to Support Your Baby’s Language Development

10 Fun Ways to Support Baby's Communication Development

Photo credit: Tricia Williams As a Speech Pathologist, I have received many great questions from parents on ways to support their children’s development. My first answer is usually, “You are already doing so many amazing things!” Simply showing our children love and interacting with them meaningfully can have a lifelong impact. There are also many quick tips that can help parents find more teachable moments in everyday activities. Young children are like little sponges soaking up new information. Meaningful parent-child interaction from the start supports the brain in developing strong neural connections that will form the basis for later learning.…