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Great Back to School Tips & Resources!

Back to School Tips!

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year when our kids are starting to head back to school! My 1st grader started school last week and it got me thinking about the great blog posts I’ve read recently on making life easier for parents as the kids start back up. From cute school lunch ideas, to books that help ease the back to school transition, these posts have lots of great tips!   Here are some of our favorite back to school tips & resources:   Getting Ready for Back to School from ABC Creative Learning Fun Fruit for…

Our Favorite Resources for Developmental Milestones

Resources for Developmental Milestones

As a mom and a Speech Pathologist, I love learning about developmental milestones! Milestones provide a great framework of information to support us as parents in navigating our children’s development. Knowing what to expect helps us support our children’s blossoming skills. Keep in mind that every child develops at his/her own pace. There is a wide range of what’s typical and there are many children who may not fall within the average range in one or more areas. Seeking out support from a pediatrician or related professional is important if your child is struggling in one or more areas of…