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Communication Milestones From Birth-3 Months + Free Milestone Chart


Photo credit: Kai Saun Photography Isn’t it fun to watch newborns develop communication? Whether it’s their coo and goo sounds or their first social smile there are so many cool things happening in the first three months! Check out the milestone chart below to learn more about what to expect as communication emerges and download a free milestone tracker so you can document all the adorable ways your newborn is communicating!   Simply right click on the image above and select “save image as” and the chart is yours! 🙂   Note: Please remember every child is unique and develops…

Our Favorite Resources for Developmental Milestones

Resources for Developmental Milestones

As a mom and a Speech Pathologist, I love learning about developmental milestones! Milestones provide a great framework of information to support us as parents in navigating our children’s development. Knowing what to expect helps us support our children’s blossoming skills. Keep in mind that every child develops at his/her own pace. There is a wide range of what’s typical and there are many children who may not fall within the average range in one or more areas. Seeking out support from a pediatrician or related professional is important if your child is struggling in one or more areas of…