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Reading Animal Books to Build Baby’s Language

Reading Animal Books to Build Baby's Language

 Animal books are great because they encourage speech and language development and babies love them! As you read animal books to baby, you can model animal names and sounds and leave space for baby to try to imitate. You can also show baby how to move like a certain animal as you make the animal’s sound. Make it fun and silly! As your baby gets older, they will likely start to imitate these sounds. Animal noises (also called onomatopoeias) are great for practicing early developing speech sounds (“m” in “moo, meow” “b” in “baa,” “n” in “neigh”) in a natural…

Bonding With Your Baby Supports Communication Development


Photo credit: Melanie Elise Early bonding with baby is an important building block for later development. Meaningful interactions create a solid and trusting relationship between parent and child, which helps your baby feel secure. This feeling of security provides a springboard for healthy brain development by allowing baby to feel safe to explore his environment and learn new things. Here are some ideas to encourage bonding that support early language development: Interact with baby in a loving way! Snuggle, hug, and kiss baby and label these actions with words. Sing baby songs (lullabies, made up songs, songs you like, anything…

10 Early Literacy Tips That Support Language Development

Early literacy

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support! 🙂 Infusing reading into your little one’s daily routine is a wonderful way to build a solid early language and literacy foundation. Books expose children to many new concepts like vocabulary, speech sounds, rhyming, images, colors, shapes, basic concepts, prepositions, categories, and beyond. 10 Early Literacy Tips That Support Language Development: Provide your little one with a variety of different books on many topics. Place books in different spots around the house to encourage reading and read often. Read books that relate to the current season, holiday or family events to…