Bonding With Your Baby Supports Communication Development


Photo credit: Melanie Elise

Early bonding with baby is an important building block for later development. Meaningful interactions create a solid and trusting relationship between parent and child, which helps your baby feel secure. This feeling of security provides a springboard for healthy brain development by allowing baby to feel safe to explore his environment and learn new things. Here are some ideas to encourage bonding that support early language development:

  • Interact with baby in a loving way! Snuggle, hug, and kiss baby and label these actions with words.
  • Sing baby songs (lullabies, made up songs, songs you like, anything with words and/or a melody).
  • Grab a book and read to baby as often as you can.
  • Tell baby how much you love them!

What are your favorite ways to bond with your baby? Share in the comments below!

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