Adele “Hello” Parenting Parody

Adele "Hello" Parenting Parody Videoong

“Hello, it’s me…”

Creative inspiration seems to hit me in the weirdest of places. Like in the playroom while watching my toddler talk on her pretend phone.

I absolutely love getting down on the ground to play with my kids and being home with them is truly a gift. On the other hand, when your home with your kids most of the time, some days seem like they last sooo long! Sometimes I am literally in my pajamas till 3!

I know my mom friends have experienced this too and we often have a hard time finding the time to see each other between naps, school, activities, and just the chaos of life with kids. There are of course most days where I do get dressed (perhaps even wear make-up!) and we all get out early to do something fun. I appreciate both scenarios in the scheme of parenthood because they are each special in their own way.

I tend to sing my way through life and laughing at myself makes me feel way happier than taking it all too seriously. That’s where the parody comes in. I love this song and will probably never get sick of Adele’s gorgeous vocals in it. It spoke to me so I thought I’d make my own goofy version of it. 😉

Thanks to my best friend, Shayna, and her adorable boys for joining in the video fun!

I hope it gives you a laugh or two! 🙂

Here goes nothing…


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Adele "Hello" Parenting Parody Video

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