edelstein-59Hi friends! I’m Alison, a Speech Language Pathologist, mama of two girls, ages 4 and 8, wife, lover of all things music, and a total goofball. I (with the help of my family and friends) created Chirpy Chatterbox to encourage my fellow parents (and myself) to LOVE, LAUGH, and LEARN every day!

Beauty can be found in our imperfections and we don’t have to be perfect to be great parents.  For me, this realization was so freeing (and this is coming from a former parenting perfectionist, parenting book addict, excessive WebMD’er and Googler, and overwhelmed educator). As a new mom, how was I supposed to teach my kids everything they HAD to learn and not go crazy? When I find myself getting too self-critical, reminding myself to laugh and enjoy the moments with my kids usually snaps me out of it. And these moments are where we can find simple and impactful learning opportunities.

I also believe that we can not only teach our children, but also listen and learn from them. I don’t know about you, but this whole parenting thing has taught me more in six years than I’ve learned in my whole life. The things my kids do every day amaze me and they remind me to look at things with a fresh perspective and to see the beauty and excitement all around. As a parent sometimes we just need to remind ourselves to laugh at all the chaos and at ourselves!

As a Speech Pathologist, I have gotten many great questions from parents on ways to support their children’s development. My first answer is usually, “You are already doing so many amazing things!” I want to help parents see their own strengths and to look for their child’s strengths as the basis for learning. When we start with strengths, we are building self-esteem and giving our children a solid foundation. Simply showing our children love and interacting with them meaningfully can have a lifelong impact. There are also many quick tips that can help parents find more teachable moments in everyday activities.

I love learning about new topics and strategies from my fellow parents.  We can all support each other and lift each other up because we are all on this wild ride called parenting together.

With this site, my family and I hope to provide quick and effective tips on early language development through music, laughter, and play; to make people laugh; and to share our perfectly imperfect parenting journey. We hope you’ll join us!



Our Mission Is Threefold:


First of all love your children and yourself! Simple, right? We believe in loving and accepting people for their own unique gifts and abilities. Every baby, child, and adult brings their own amazing gifts into the world. When we do the things that make us happy in life, we are in a better position to not only teach others, but to learn from others.

Laughter is not only the best medicine, but we believe it’s one of the best tools for creating opportunities for lasting and meaningful learning. When we engage in fun and joyful interactions with our children, they will be more motivated to learn new things and will actually have fun doing it! Of course not all of life and learning involves laughter, but we believe that a lot of it can! We want to provide light hearted videos that make you and your kids laugh and put a smile on your face. We also want to provide videos that support learning in fun (and funny) ways.

When we are accepting and loving to ourselves and our children (of course not in every moment, we are human after all), and we participate in activities that make us and our children happy, we are all in a better position to learn. Teaching our children doesn’t have to be complicated  (although we know it often feels that way for parents). Learning to find golden teaching opportunities in every day moments and using what we already have access to (music, play, good old fashioned games, going places, being in nature, reading books, tapping into our senses, etc.) can help us as parents to build a solid learning foundation for our children without making ourselves crazy. We want to empower amazing parents to support their unique child’s early learning and language development through fun, simple, and joyful activities.  We can also learn so much by tuning into and listening to the wisdom our children have to teach us. So we can help them grow, learn, and teach us in return!