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A List of Don'ts For My Mom Friends #momlife #kids #parenting #momguilt #mommy #momfriends(1)

A List of Don’ts For My Mom Friends

As moms we often find ourselves apologizing to our kids, to our families, and to our friends when we fall short of perfection. When I look at the amazing moms in my life, I see something that goes beyond perfection. True, real, raw beauty that shines from the inside out. Whether it's the way you love your children, the words of support you offer me when I'm down, the adorable pictures of your kids you send me, or the times...

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Product Review: The Artful Alphabet Flash Cards

Product Review: The Artful Alphabet Flash Cards

We are so excited to bring you a review of The Artful Alphabet Flash Cards from The Artful Educator. This wonderful educational product was created by mom/entrepreneur, Kim Votruba-Matook. The inspiration for The Artful Alphabet was Kim's family and life experiences, which all culminated into creating the opportunity to creatively solve the problem of making time with her (at the time) newborn son meaningful for any adult at any time. Out of this desire, the The Artful Alphabet was born....

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Mother's Day Giveaway! #MothersDay #Beautycounter

Mother’s Day Giveaway: Beautycounter Samples, $10 Target Gift Card, and More!

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support! This is a super fun post because I am collaborating with my sister and giving away prizes! On her blog this week, she shared her adorable Mom's Time Out Bags complete with printable tags she created and filled with some of my faves as a mom who needs a break once in a while. These bags make wonderful Mother's Day gifts for the moms in your life who could use a relaxing...

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